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My name is Du Nguyen, pronounced something like Yo and I'm a Security Professional at a medium-large Danish company. I have various experience in software engineering, working on almost all parts of the stack, working in startups, large multinational corporations and anything in between.

Why write a blog? That's something I ask myself every few years, judging by my first attempt on Medium (I still cringe over some of the topics then, but that's a sign of growth right? Right?). I have since started up and subsequently taken down a travel blog that had the longest name imaginable (Exploring Unknown Unknowns, I mean the gist of it was good), started up a personal website/blog in various technologies over the ages only to abandon them and chase shiny new tech.
This time, with many more experiences under my belt, I have started this blog because, 1) to give back to the community, of the countless blogs, books and other mediums where people have shared experiences 2) as a thinking tool to force me to think deeply about the experiences that I encounter 3) for me to practice my written communication.

I would love to hear feedback as well on the blog, please send an email to feedback(at)dunguyen.blog and please include the blog title or link if it's for a specific blog post.

Disclaimer: Any content on this blog is my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of current or former employers. I may also change my mind on any content, they reflect my thinking at the time of writing with the context I had.